Welcome to the Ministry of stuff


The Ministry is to increase awareness of the stuff around us, to promote an understanding of said stuff, and to nurture an appreciation of the fact that everything, no matter how big, how small, or how generally antagonizing, is, when all is said and done, only stuff.

The aims of the Ministry.

Year on year, the stuff around us increases exponentially. As things are made, things are bought, and other things lack the common decency to fuck off and leave us alone, we can quickly and unexpectedly find ourselves up to our ears in stuff.
More than this physical stuff though, we have an accumulation of more ethereal stuff that even more of a pain in the shit pipe.
We need to sort this stuff out.

The methods of the Ministry

By publishing lots of stuff that is either amusing, thought provoking, or even both, we hope that those with whom we come into contact with will develop a greater appreciation of the stuff around them, and where they should stick it.

I thank you for your involvement with the Ministry, and wish you all the best with your future stuff.

Best wishes,

Grantham Montgomery.
(Minister of Stuff).