Share this, you miserable bastards!

Day in and day out, every internet user is being asked to share something for some reason or another.  At best, we are encouraged to share articles/memes simply by the fact that they entertain or inform us.  Further down the line of acceptability, we are exposed to hideous pictures of sad looking kittens betting that you won’t share their image because nobody loves them.  At the very bottom of the heap, we see apparently terminally ill or hideously disfigured children pictured above a request to type Amen, and share.

Along the way, we are asked to share images of missing persons and stolen vehicles in the hope that they will be identified and returned to bosom of their families.  Whilst this would undoubtedly be a worthy cause, judging by the regularity of their posts, I must be the only acquaintance of several of my Facebook friends who hasn’t been abducted and is still in possession of his car.

Like most things on the net, something potentially worthwhile has been exploited for the purposes of cheap marketing.

It wasn’t until I started blogging for the Ministry of Stuff, that I gave the benefits of having people share one’s content much thought.  It was simply something that other people worried about.  Having done this for a few straight months though, I am beginning to understand why it is that some people are so willing to go to extremes in order to secure shares.

Personally, I don’t like the idea of using deception in order to spread the word of the Ministry.  There would be nothing ‘wrong’ with it of course, but it just doesn’t sit well with me.  So here’s the thing…

Share this and all the other posts.  I’m setting up advertising on the site in the coming weeks, and I want to make some cash.

I can’t be any more honest than that.

So come on… Share this, you miserable bastards!


Grantham Montgomery

Minister of Stuff.

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2 thoughts on “Share this, you miserable bastards!

    1. Hi Sanny,
      I have been away from the site for a while, but I will be posting regularly again from now on.
      Thanks for your support.

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